Privacy Policy for Rugged Gear for Men

We here at do not collect or store any personal information through visitors of this website. We do not collect email addresses you provide when contacting us. We do not rent or sell email address lists. We do not share telephones number or credit card information for use by other companies. Please remember that we do not have access to, or control over, advertisers or service providers cookies and the information practices of third-parties are not covered by this privacy statement. We may at times use technology to collect non-personal information that indicates how our site is used by visitors. This information is used to improve our site. We use cookies to understand how our site visitors find our website and what pages they view during their visit. We do use third party advertising service providers that may collect information about your online activities. We may at times provide links to to other sites we think you may enjoy. These websites operate independently of and have established their own privacy and security policies.

We may change this policy at a future date to reflect changes in our business practices and service offerings. The most recent version of our Privacy Policy will be displayed at all times.


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