Portable Gas Generators

Portable Power Generation When & Where You Need It

Dependable backup power featuring the best gasoline powered portable generators for emergencies, job sites and recreational power. When you're dealing with a power outage today's portable generators are lightweight and quiet. While 20,000 watts of electrical power will keep an entire average home functional, as little as 600 watts is enough power for a few necessary items such as lights and an appliance.

Standard Gas Power Generators

A standard gasoline powered generator will handle most peoples needs for supplying electrical power for emergency power outages, job site power for tools and recreational camping. If you have to run electronic devices such as computers, televisions and modern appliances we recommend opting for one of the newer inverter power generators. Standard generators however will power provide you with the power you need to provide you with emergency lighting, power to run electrical tools and most appliances. Keep in mind to that a standard generator usually can be obtained at a much lower cost than an inverter generator.

Champion Gas Powered Generator
This low cost 1200 watt gas-powered generator offers a portable and lightweight backup power solution for your electrical needs during a power outage and features a ten hour run time on 50% load.

Inverter Power Generators

Inverter generators in comparison to standard generators are quieter, use less fuel and produce much cleaner power. Todays electronic devices, especially devices that use microprocessors operate at their peak when using clean power. These type of generators produce power that is essentially filtered through the inverter (AC to DC and back to AC), producing a sine wave is clean and constant. Inverter generators automatically increase or decrease engine rpm in response to the load placed on them making them much more fuel efficient than a standard generator running at a constant fixed engine speed.

Honda EU2200i 2200 Watt  Inverter Generator
A top rated portable and powerful super quiet generator that can operate a wide variety of appliances, making it the perfect solution for emergency use, camping or on the job site. Inverter technology provides you with stable clean power produced in a smaller lighter package with great fuel efficiency.

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