Emergency Survival Foods

Don't get caught off guard, be prepared for any disaster with these easy to prepare meals that
contain everything you need to survive a food shortage. Easy to store freeze dried meals with no refrigeration required ideal for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing as well as survival. These foods are available in a wide variety and packaged to last for years not months. Many of them require no shelf rotation.Remember that most survival foods are designed to keep you alive and usually taste pretty good but don't expect gourmet meals.

USDA Organic Emergency Survival Food Family Pack
A family Pack of 162 servings of high quality food that is free of pesticides, GMO corn derivatives, hidden MSG, GMO soy, artificial colors, corn syrup, refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, chemical preservatives, chemical flavor enhancers and is also heavy metals tested. A perfect answer for those desiring an organic food storage solution. These healthy meals are ready to eat in minutes, they taste great and they can also are packaged in convenient resealable bags. Note, they do require one cup of potable water per serving.

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Three Day Supply of Emergency Food Rations
A three day supply of emergency food bars featuring nine ready to eat four hundred calorie rations full of essential vitamins and minerals packaged in water resistant air sealed Mylar. Five year shelf life, a nice addition for any survival kit. A very low cost way to provide you with the calories you need.

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Mountain House Just In Case Food Assortment
A total of twelve easy to prepare meals, just add water and within ten minutes you are ready to eat. Meals can be eaten right out of the pouch with no dishes to clean up after dining. Ideal for any survival situation or your next camping trip. These packaged meals have a thirty year shelf life and arrive in a plastic stackable bucket for easy storage.

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