Saturday, January 16, 2021

All-terrain Tires

 All-terrain tires are designed for both road and off road use. Most of these tires feature a rugged tread design with reinforced side walls and a rubber compound designed for maximum traction that is resistant to scrapes, cuts, and punctures. They provide the off-road traction  while reducing road vibrations and noise for ride quality during highway use.

 These rugged tires can be used on a wide range of vehicles including SUVs, pickups, and four-wheel-drive vehicles. Generally, they are suitable for larger vehicles and are designed for highway use as well as rugged terrain. They are designed for maintaining traction on mud, snowy, rocky, and wet surfaces. Keep in mind that just because they are designed for on and off road use that you can still get stuck in the mud  or slide on very slippery road surfaces. Use common sense and enjoy your ride.


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