Tuesday, December 18, 2018

High Power Precision Air Rifles

Top performing brands of high power pneumatic weapons for small game hunting, target shooting and backyard fun. High velocity air guns by Benjamin, Crossman, Gamo and Hatsan. Modern day air rifles are a far cry from the Daisy Red Ryder BB gun featured in the movie Christmas Story. A Daisy Red Ryder air rifle has a velocity of about 350 fps while many air rifles using pellets easily exceed 1000 fps. These powerful air rifles are not toys, so follow all safety precautions that you would for a conventional firearm. Pellet guns and BB guns have been around for centuries and today with modern technology air guns are produced that provide the user with reliable and consistent performance.

Benjamin Armada Air Rifle
Designed after modern day AR-15 tactical rifles, the Benjamin Armada is the first serious high powered air rifle that allows the end user to utilize common off the shelf accessories without the use of adaptors or modifications.

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Crosman Nitro Venom Air Rifle
Enjoy affordable shooting fun with this Crosman air rifle. This rifle features a precision rifled barrel with fluted muzzle break and sculpted rubber recoil pad, powered by the stability and stealth of Nitro Piston technology. Equipped with a CenterPoint 3x9x32mm precision scope and a quick-lock mounting system for quick and easy optic mounting. Uses .177 caliber pellets up to 1200 FPS.

Available online from Amazon

Beeman QB78D-177 Sportsman Air Rifle
This well made bolt action single shot 177 caliber pellet rifle features a Co2 propulsion system that reaches speeds up to 650 feet per second with incredible accuracy up to ten yards. Very solid with the look and feel of a real .22 caliber rifle with a beech wood stock, raised cheek piece and soft rubber butt plate and all steel construction.

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