Classic Zippo Pocket Lighters

Zippo Pocket Lighters Whether you smoke or not a Zippo pocket lighter is a must have carry item for any man. Zippo located in Bradford Pennsyvania has been manufacturing reusable pocket lighters that are now exclusively manufactured in America since 1932. Although Zippo never had an official contract with the U.S. military, they were the pocket lighter of choice by members of the armed forces. These lighters are designed to function in harsh weather conditions and are well known for the click they make when opening the top of the lighter. Basic maintenenance on these lighters involves refueling and flint and wick replacement when needed. Available in a wide variety of case designs to suit your individual preferences.

Zippo Lighters Available From Amazon

Chrome Zippo Lighter

Matte Black Zippo Lighter

Brass Zippo Lighter

Matte Green Zippo Lighter

Zippo Ace Lighters

Zippo Harley Davidson

Zippo Pole Dancer Lighter

Zippo Harley-Davidson MC

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