Survival Gear for Men

Survival Gear for Men Everything a man needs to survive outdoors and indoors when you find yourself without power or in an emergency situation. Having what you need when you need it can turn an unpleasant situation into an adventure worth remembering. Remember that basic needs for survival include fire, water, shelter and food. Be prepared for extended power outages in your home, automotive break downs in remote areas or severe weather conditions, getting lost in the woods or stranded on a boat.

With a little planning its easy to assemble basic survival kits for your home, car and outdoor adventures. Kits can range from providing basic needs to satisfying creature comforts. All gear should include a basic first aid kit.

Here are a few examples of what can happen when disaster or emergencies strike:

Automotive Break Downs and Emergencies

Automotive Break Downs and Emergencies A flat tire on a rainy night in a remote area and no road service available would require at least a rain jacket and a reliable flash light and of course a spare tire, lug wrench and a jack. A road flare will help you be seen for protection from being hit by other drivers. Last winter a snowstorm on the PA Turnpike had people in vehicles stranded for days. Handy items to have in your car for that type of scenario would have been a couple of warm blankets, winter clothing, bottled water, pocket knife, snack foods or candy bars, pocket lighter, travel mug capable of melting snow for drinking water and of course toilet tissue or paper towels. All of the above items can easily be stored in just about any motor vehicle. Use common sense before taking a long road trip, make sure that your vehicle is in good mechanical condition, have plenty of gas in the tank and be aware of extended weather forecasts for the areas you travel because you never know what lies in the road ahead.

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Wilderness Survival Tips

Getting lost in the woods can be a minor set back or it can be a life threatening ordeal depending on circumstance. Most cases of being stranded or lost only consist of a few hours or a day or two depending on your geographic location. There are remote areas where you can be stranded for weeks before being found or making your way out. When faced with a survival situation like this there are a few things that you have to keep in mind. You are going to have to keep warm in most cases so a fire will be needed especially at night when the temperature drops. A source for drinking water be it a stream, pond or rain and a way of purifying it for consumption. You will eventually need to sleep or rest so look for some form of basic shelter that will protect you from wind and rain. You can build a make shift shelter or look for something natural like a big tree or brush pile that will protect you from chilling winds. Prepare yourself for your outdoor adventures in advance by learning basic survival skills and practicing them before venturing out. Basic survival gear should include a good knife, a sure way to start a fire and a canteen or water bottle. A must for campers, hikers, anglers, backpackers and hunters.

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Home Emergency Preparedness

Home Emergency Preparedness Electrical storms can leave you without power, utilities that provide you with heat and water can be interrupted for extended periods of time. Protect your home and loved ones by having the basic essentials needed for safety and comfort. Make sure that your home is equipped with a number of appropriate household fire extinguishers that are highly accessible when needed. Having a fire extinguisher when needed can keep a small fire from becoming a major catastrophe. Use smoke alarms in your home for fire protection while you sleep and test them on a regular basis. For power outages have flash lights at easy reach, have at least one hand crank flash light for extended use. A hand crank emergency radio for news and weather updates is another nice thing to have when the power is gone. If you can afford one consider a back up generator for your home if you have fuel that will be readily available.

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