Saltwater Fishing for Sharks

Saltwater Fishing for Sharks Fishing for sharks is an extreme form of fishing and is not for the faint hearted. The fishing gear that you select has to be able to withstand a three hundred pound fish or larger, you never know the size or weight of the shark you might encounter. The technological advancements in manufacturing braided fishing lines have forced fishing reel manufacturers to produce smaller, lighter and stronger reels. Advantages for the angler include easier to handle light weight reels that hold more line to handle large and powerful fish.

Popular shark baits include mackerel and bluefish. Once your fish takes the bait give it a five to ten second delay before setting the hook. Tighten up any slack in the line and set the hook hard. As soon as you have caught your shark take care! All sharks have different temperaments and you need to be aware that they can behave erratically. Some sharks may take the bait and swallow and be landed with little struggle. Others may attack the boat or try to drag the line in the opposite direction. If a harness is required, make sure is it properly attached to the reel and boat. When the shark is close to your boat, quickly gain the assistance of a fellow fisherman to help pull the shark on board. Use a hand wire to help you do this, and never fasten it to yourself. You must always be in position to release it easily if the shark appears likely to injure you. Sharks are very strong creatures and they can be volatile, so extreme care must be taken. Unless you have a good reason to keep th shark, release it back into the wild.

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