Boot Knives and Daggers

These are fighting knives with fixed double edge blades designed for self-defense and war time use. Daggers are designed primarily as an edged and pointed weapon for thrusting and stabbing have been around for thousands of years. These fixed blade knives are used in up close and personal combat as well as ceremonious uses. The boot knife is a highly concealable smaller version of the dagger designed to be hidden in or on a boot primarily used for self-defense. Boot knives and daggers should not be confused with survival knives, they are designed primarily as edged weapons and not suitable for most outdoor tasks.

The Boot Knife

Boot Knives and Daggers Boot knives are considered by many members of the military and law enforcement to be an everyday necessity for use as a backup for self-defense. These knives are essentially a fixed blade double edged dagger that is small enough to be concealed inside a calf-high boot. Most boot knives include a leather sheath with a clip to attach the dagger to the top of your boot for fast drawing in case of emergencies. Whether you plan on wearing your boot knife on your heel or just a handy knife to keep in your vehicle. Because boot knives are easily concealable, they are often used as self defense weapons. The clip on these sheaths is designed to not only be placed on boots, but also worn on the waist. Their slim profiles also make them comfortable to carry on a daily basis.

The Dagger

A dagger is a knife with a very sharp point designed or capable of being used as a thrusting or stabbing weapon. The design dates to human prehistory, and daggers have been used throughout human experience to the modern day in close combat confrontations. Many ancient cultures used adorned daggers in ritual and ceremonial purposes, a trend which continues to the present time in the form of art knives. The distinctive shape and historic usage of the dagger have made it iconic and symbolic. WW1 trench warfare caused daggers and fighting knives to come back in play. They also replaced the sabres worn by officers, which were too long and clumsy for trench warfare. They were worn with pride as a sign of having served front line duty.

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