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American made knives designed for combat, outdoors, hunting, fishing and survival. Top rated fixed blade and folding knives made in the USA. When you purchase products made in the United States of America you help support jobs for American workers and economic growth for many communities. Many consumers assume that goods made in the USA are more expensive than goods made overseas. In many cases this is not true. Keep in mind that the quality of workmanship is higher on many products made here due to tough quality control standards set by many manufacturers who take pride in their work. American manufacturers also follow guidelines for environmental standards that make the world a better place to live. Featured knives made in the USA include Benchmade, Buck, Case and Ka-Bar.

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About Benchmade Knives Benchmade founded by Les de Asis is located in Oregon City, Oregon, produces quality USA made knives from raw pieces of steel that provide knife owners with incredible form and function. What sets themselves apart from many other knife makers is the quality of the materials used in their manufacturing process. A top choice in knives used by the military, law enforcement, first responders and outdoor enthusiasts. Benchmade is also one of the few manufacturers that offer automatic and switch blade knives for military and law enforcement.

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About Buck Knives Buck located in Post Falls, Idaho provides outdoor enthusiasts with a wide variety of fixed blade and folding sporting knives made in the USA with a solid reputation for performance and reliability and guaranteed for life. A top choice for many hunters, campers, backpackers and outdoor survivalists. Buck also allows their customers to customize a variety of knives, in order to meet their exact needs.

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About Case Knives W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company in Bradford, PA is an American manufacturer of premium hand-crafted knives that are famous for being passed down from one generation to the next. Providing outdoor enthusiasts with a wide variety of knives that fit virtually any need. These are the most collected knives in the world, from hunting and pocket knives to the M-1 astronauts Knife carried on the gemini and apollo missions. Case is owned by the Zippo Manufacturing Company, makers of the world famous Zippo pocket lighters.

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About KA-BAR Knives KA-BAR located in Olean, New York, has more than one hundred years of experience producing top rated knives for hunting, outdoor survival, sporting, and military use. World famous for their standard issue USMC fighting knife. Each knife is manufactured to provide the end user with a knife that features corrosion resistance, strength, edge holding ability, and an out-of-the-box razor sharp cutting edge. Knives feature flat or hollow ground blades that under go detailed finishing and rigorous inspection and testing.

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About Ontario Knives The Ontario Knife Company located in upstate New York and founded in 1889 has been a long term provider to the U.S. military of American made tools and tactical knives built to withstand the demands and quality needed to perform in the most extreme circumstances. They also offer a complete line of high quality knives designed for survival, sportsmen, law enforcement and first responders.

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